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Combat Guidelines

Legislation and Permits



  • NSW Police Force - Firearms Permits
  • NSW Police Force - Historical Re-enactment Organiser's Permit
    (This permit is for historical re-enactment organisations wishing to conduct a historical re-enactment event involving the possession and use of firearms by participants)
  • NSW Police Force - Permit For Certain Cannon
    (This permit is for persons, who are members of historical societies or clubs whose purpose includes the preservation and demonstration of historical weapons, wishing to use muzzle loading black powder cannons in historical re-enactments and displays
  • NSW Police Force - Film/Television/Theatrical Production
    (This permit authorises the use of firearms, which have been modified to allow only blank cartridges, for the purposes of a Film, Television or Theatrical Production. This permit is issued to a person, on behalf of a film, television or theatrical production, to supervise the possession and use of firearms hired from a theatrical armourer in connection with the production concerned)





  • Victoria Police - Firearm Permit Applications
  • Victoria Police - Re-Enactors Guide
    (NOTE: 2008 - A guide for persons taking part in historical re-enactments in Victoria. Please note that some sections are out of date due to changes to the Control of Weapons Act 1990.
    See for further information)
  • Victoria Police - Populous Place Permits
    (This permit allows an Firearm Licence Holder to use a Category A/B firearm in a populous place)
  • Victoria Police - Theatrical Armoury Permit
    (A Theatrical Armoury Permit allows Licensed Firearm Dealers (LFD's) to loan Blank Firing or permanently inoperable firearms for the purpose of film, television or theatrical re-enactment.  LFD's who loan out Blank Firing firearms are required to be present during the filming or enactment while their firearms are being used)




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